Company Background

Joint Deco, established by David Lok in 1988, is an interior designing company which specialization iscommercial organizations such as fashions retailers, hair salons, bars, office and restaurants. In order to satisfy the various needs of our clients from a variety of fields, we are willing to work with specialties and other designers. We determine to complete every assignment with a perfect team which consists of the most talented and experienced people in the industry. In fact, our "working-with-most-appropriate-partners" theory proves to be successful.



We need to understand our clients' needs thoroughly before we can decide the team-in-charge for the particular project among the members of Joint Deco, who each has his own strength. This is the first and important step to our "working-with-most-appropriate-partners" theory.

The team will then starts brainstorming and come up with a thematic design - a design that satisfies the needs and budgets of our clients. Our work and progress does not stop here. As the construction starts, we follow through the progress many times and our designers even work on sites. Also we will go visit our clients' shops every now and then to see if there is any room of improvement.